Two La Liga giants keep an eye on the Dzeko situation.

Edin Dzeko

Spain’s Mundo Deportivo has revealed. Real Madrid and Barcelona are closely monitoring the situation of Roma’s veteran striker Edin Dzeko UFA.

The 34-year-old had argued against “Wolves” boss Paolo Fonseca until his name was eliminated in the latest home game against Spezia 4-3 in the Spanish La Liga game on Saturday. The past Until there is a trend that the team is preparing to release before the winter market closes.

Earlier in the summer of the past, Dzeko had news of wanting to leave the team. With a goal at Juventus, but in the end, this deal did not happen, in which the “Zebra” turned to grab Alvaro Morata to join the team instead.

Recently, the media, the Bull, revealed that the two giants from both Spain. White King King and Chao Boon threw aiming to bring the veteran striker to help fight in the second half of the season in both the League and European football.

However, the media said that if the transfer is likely to be Madrid rather than to join the team. Because now Barcelona are facing a serious financial problem.

Edin Dzeko have played 20 games this season, all competitions have scored 8 goals and 2 assists.

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