Cavani raised ‘Batigol’ as a striker.

Edinson Cavani: FA independent commission surprised at lack of Man Utd  'training' amid Instagram post charge | Football News | Sky Sports

Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani has revealed he has been played by former Argentinian striker Gabriel Batistuta.

Edinson Cavani joined the Red Devils team last summer. Which he received great praise for his performance in the field. And helping pass on knowledge experience to all the younger strikers in the team.

Recently, the Uruguayan spearhead told United’s review that he had Batistuta, former legendary spearhead of Fiorentina and Roma, as a role model to play. Although football today has changed a lot UFA.

“That is why I emphasized at the beginning that football has changed. Personally, I feel that It has been many years since I played in Europe. I saw in the matter of change.”

“When you compare what the game was like when I first came. And I have the opportunity to play with many different players. Including in Italy And then look at football now, which is more modern than ever.”

“But yes, Batistuta is a true striker who brings results and play every Which I really like as a player From my point of view of how I am a player and how I live and appreciate football. And my play style as well.”

And yes, you try to learn and take some from those results. If you consider going to him One of the things that batistuta has is the intuitive perception. Movement and running to manipulate the articulation.

“I think some of my goals are similar to the ones he did. But it is true that he is a striker, I have a fondness and respect that he has the talent to judge the game with fighting spirit that inspired him. Great desire and great strength.”

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