movies inspired by true stories Adding hope, enhancing life


Invictus The story of Nelson Mendella. The first President of the Republic of South Africa to be properly elect according to the democratic process. And before that, he was a prominent anti-apartheid activist. 

With the story of Nelson Mandella (played by Morgan Freeman) used rugby, led by Francois Pinar (Matt Damon) as a link to the reconciliation of White and black people

October Sky Biography movie Homer Hickham (Jake Gyllenhaal). A miner son who dreams of building a rocket just like the Soviets launched the Sputnik into space.

Another great movie to inspire people who fail. A story of a group of people who do not give up on their failure. Not shaken by the sound of snub They try to do what they believe and achieve success with the encouragement of Teacher Riley (Laura Dern). Movie HD

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