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Let Him Go

After playing Superman’s caring foster parents in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. Where they provided emotional heft to an almost purely mythological comic book narrative. Diane Lane and Kevin Costner reunite for this comparatively spare neo-Western about family feuds, bloodlines, and sacrifice.

Following the tragic death of their son in a horse-riding accident, Margaret (Lane) and George (Costner) watch as their daughter-in-law Lorna (Kayli Carter).

The mother of their precious grandchild, marries abusive terror Donnie (Will Brittain). Who hails from a family led by an intimidating matriarch played with wild-eyed zeal by Lesley Manville.

The set-up is drawn from a 2013 novel by Larry Watson and there’s a weight to the writing. A willingness to let the characters core values dictate action and a trust. The performers will know how to play the spaces in the dialogue, that elevates this above other recent violent backwoods dramas.

Costner, off the Yellowstone ranch here, is excellent as the subdued, conflicted grandfather.

Bad Education' review: Hugh Jackman a class act as thieving school boss -  Chicago Sun-Times

Bad Education

A chronicle of greed, status, and vanity, Bad Education shares more than a few qualities with Martin Scorsese’s financial crimes epic The Wolf of Wall Street.

The story of another Long Island striver with slicked-back hair. Trading the stock market for the public education system, director Cory Finley’s wry docudrama. Which takes its inspiration from a wild New York Magazine feature from 2004.

Charts the tragi-comic downfall of Roslyn School District superintendent Frank Tassone. A charming and beloved administrator in a rising wealthy area.

Frank’s world of healthy smoothies, expensive suits, and gleeful deception begins to unravel. Using a high school newspaper reporter as an audience surrogate, the script withholds key details of Frank’s life for large sections of the runtime.

Allowing Jackman to give a performance that gradually reveals new layers of emotional complexity and moral emptiness. Like the tweezers Frank uses to dutifully pluck his nose hairs, the movie takes a surgical approach to its subject.

Possessor (2020) - IMDb


Opening with a piece of metal piercing the top of a woman’s head, the second feature from filmmaker Brandon Cronenberg announces the type of movie it is right away.

The son of body horror legend David Cronenberg, the director splices together elements of Inception. The Matrix and his father’s own cyberpunk reality-bender eXistenZ to create an art-damaged thriller about an assassin (Andrea Riseborough).

Who uses advanced technology to take control of other people and carry out her assigned hits using their bodies. For her latest mission. She invades the mind of Colin, the boyfriend of the daughter of a powerful tech CEO. Simple job, right?

From the plot description, Possessor sounds relatively straightforward, but Cronenberg piles on enough gruesome gore effects. Walter Benjamin quotes, lengthy sex scenes, and hallucinatory montages to make this a sufficiently out there experience. ดูหนังออนไลน์ HD

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