The 100 Greatest Movies

The Exorcist

The Exorcist

The Exorcist William Friedkin’s shock magnum opus in which a 12-year-old young lady is controlled by a devil has a standing as a stunner (in the better than average), with the pea-soup upchuck, head-twist, and cross maltreatment minutes the most routinely refered to.

In any case, the explanation it chills so profoundly is the manner in which it supports and assembles its troubling environment so shrewdly and reliably all through. ดูหนังออนไลน์ฟรี



A siphoned up men-on-a-mission film with a shrewd sci-fi change. At the point when you have the world’s most noticeably awful asses on the walk, it’d be discourteous not to have them followed by an intergalactic tracker with space-fears and a shoulder-mounted laser gun.

“You’re one appalling mother…” Never a more genuine word…


Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

You casted a ballot… carefully. There may just be 12 years’ contrast between Harrison Ford and Sean Connery, yet it’s difficult to envision two better entertainers to play a quibbling father and child, off on a globetrotting, Nazi-slamming, legendary secret visit.

All things considered, you have Spielberg/Lucas’ own rendition of James Bond… And the first Bond himself.

Leon: The Professional


Somely, Luc Besson’s first English-language film is an otherworldly side project: all things considered. Isn’t Jean Reno’s eponymous hired gunman simply Nikita’s Victor The Cleaner renamed and fleshed out? Obviously, its most prominent strength is in Natalie Portman, conveying an iridescent.

Profession making execution as vindictive 12-year-old Mathilda, whose relationship with the monosyllabic executioner is genuinely influencing. And agilely remains simply on the correct side of adequate.

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