TOP Rated English movies of 2020

The Secret: Dare to Dream (2020) - IMDb

1. The Secret: Dare To Dream Movie Review : Josh Lucas and Katie Holmes light up this sweet and simple story.

REVIEW: Miranda Wells (Katie Holmes) is a widow mothering three kids and struggling to make ends meet. By her own admission, they are not poor, they’re just broke. Their sleepy town of New Orleans, Louisiana is once again in the eye of the storm ดูหนังฟรี.

While the locals are quite used to getting their lives uprooted every year, for Miranda it’s a matter of life and death. Buried under huge debts, she has no means to get her rickety home fixed. She works at a local seafood restaurant and her salary doesn’t even cover the cost of her dental treatment.

The owner Tucker (Jerry O’Connell) harbours feelings for her, but Miranda doesn’t quite feel the same way. Something that her caring yet intrusive mother-in-law Bobby (Celia Weston) cannot understand why.

2. The Silencing Movie Review : A grisly serial killer saga with chilling atmospherics.

REVIEW: ‘The Silencing’ opens with a chilling long shot of a young woman’s body floating in a beautiful stream between the mountains of Minnesota. This totally sets the stage for its dark and gritty narrative in a mysteriously eerie town.

In this sparsely populated county, everyone knows each other and yet there is always a sense of unease and an undercurrent of fear lurking in the air. A mystery killer has been at large killing young women for reasons best known to him.

Former hunter and now the guardian angel of the town’s dense wildlife sanctuary, Rayburn Swanson (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau of ‘Game of Thrones’ fame) has lost his teenage daughter, five years ago.

His only mission now is to save the animals by warding off the hunters and look for his missing daughter. Rayburn has long given up on the local police to find his girl.

But the new county Sheriff Alice Gustafson (Annabelle Wallis) is hopeful that she will crack the case that has kept the town on the edge for years.

While she has her task cut out, she faces resentment from the locals and her troubled younger brother Brooks (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) with criminal leanings only adds to her woes. This is also symbolic of the fact that everyone in Sawbill is broken in some or the other way.

3. Relic Movie Review : A mystical house of horrors minus the jump scares.

REVIEW: When Kay (Emily Mortimer) and Sam (Bella Heathcote) visit Edna’s home they notice two very strange things. There are many post-it notes stuck on the furniture and there is black mould-like substance on the walls.

Their search for Edna (Robyn Nevin) doesn’t yield any results and she reappears just as mysteriously as she had disappeared. Edna looks visibly disoriented and is unaware of her own disappearance.

While Edna’s check-up suggests she is mentally and physically alright. Enough hints dropped to suggest that she may be suffering from Alzheimer’s. Or is she? Mysterious occurrences and strange sounds emanating from the walls point towards a sinister energy occupying the house.

But for Kay and Sam, Edna’s volatile and unpredictable behaviour is a bigger cause of worry than the things they cannot see clearly. Kay decides to move Edna to an assisted living facility in Melbourne, much to Sam’s contempt.

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