The Good Bad Mother

The bad mom is an utterly underrated Korean drama. Star Ra Mi-ran is able to deliver a powerful performance in Young-soon’s character. an ox farmer who is very strict with her son.
She would like to turn him into an attorney, so she beats and mocks him. However, does that make her the worst mother?
A tragic accident leaves an ambitious prosecutor with the mind of a child
The drama that is a slice of life doesn’t seem afraid to address questions like love between parents or family dynamics. The actors in the lead roles are fantastic Ra Mi-ran is a standout in her most challenging role ever, while Lee Do-hyun’s icy prosecutor is both menacing and endearing.
A poor farmer of pigs Young-soon is determined to help her son Kang-ho’s success throughout his life. She encourages him to work hard on academics and become an attorney. The young man is successful, however his relationships with her are conflicted.
A tragic incident changes everything. His memory is destroyed, regressing to the mind of an infant. Then Young-soon is aware of how cruelly she’s treated him. They begin a gruelling road to remorse as she vows that she will be a more compassionate mother. It’s also a master at changing the tone of an episode, going from hilarious or sad, to dramatic and humorous again but without it becoming too uncomfortable. The characters don’t fit into traditional K-drama stereotypes -they all have a complicated and realistic character.
Young-soon goes on a the road to healing with Kang-ho in order to repair their bond.
After enduring such pain and suffering in her life, Young-soon realizes she wants to become the mom that her son is entitled to. But, she is struggling to make a connection with her son. Kang-ho resents her for pursuing a successful career and refusing to let him follow his own goals.
Young-soon, a mother who is trying to help her son develop life skills she reunites with Mijoo an old friend from his childhood with a sense of justice and a compassionate heart. They begin rebuilding their lives when they embark on an adventure of finding love and healing their friendship.
The film is honest, sincere and utterly honest, as The Good Bad Mother explores the uncomfortableness of dealing with parenting the dynamics of love and affection. It effortlessly transitions between sad and funny without feeling jarring or out of place. There are some intense scenes. Lee’s unique performance makes lasting impressions.
Kang-ho is determined to take revenge
The Good Bad Mother was very heavy during certain episodes, however this one added lighter moments to the drama. The viewers were able to see unseen faces of Kangho and Young-soon as they take to the streets with their revenge plans. They both hurt their loved ones to get their revenge. Even with their hard-hitting appearances, they still love one another unconditionally.
The flashbacks demonstrate how long Kang-ho worked to prepare himself for the revenge plot. When he was a student at law and lived in a tiny apartment in Seoul as well as worked as a part-time. While he was in the courtroom He discovers that Oh Tae Soo’s name in the court ruling documents. He begins following him. Then he realizes that it was Young-soon who was who was responsible for the murder of his father. The couple break up but Kang-ho vows to return to her once he’s finished his revenge plan. The man also wants to see her to live happily without him.

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